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To graphically describe the Ciech Vitrosilicon product line, we focused on the practical use of logotypes and the iconographic transmission of the main features of products. The entire VITRO line has common elements - the color and cut of the main part of the logo (gray) and the analogical distinction of product subgroups - glassy silicates and water glass.

To describe the product group of glassy silicates we suggest a signet ring in the form of three crystals, set diagonally. The dynamic shape of the ring reflects the innovative technology of the Ciech company and is associated with the name of the product. The enlarged VITRO element and the smaller designation of the SIL subgroup correspond with the current use of logos in the Ciech product branding. Used colors - two shades of gold - refer to the specificity of the product and allow you to continue as part of expanding the product offer.

Analogously, we described the Water Glass to the Silicates subgroup with a signet ring in the form of three diagonally arranged drops. The colors in shades of blues and greens correspond to the characteristics of the product. The construction of the logotype for the LIQ group is identical to that in the SIL group, which allows a clear identification of this business branch in the Ciech group.

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